In The Kitchen: Grand Seafood Sampler

In the Kitchen: Grand Seafood Sampler
of a mood. >> my mouth is watering. >> chef jonathan cambra from the newport group is here. what are we doing today? is this going to be a cold platter, hot platter? >> a chilled platter of beautiful arrangement of seafood, highlight and showcasing narragansett bay with the little neck clams and oysters. >> and youknow what i love, not only is everything local, but it really cooks up so quickly. i mean, we put in the shrimp for two to three minutes, the crab lakes for a minutes, the lobster, one minute i’m here and they’re kicking and alive and the next minutes they’re red hot. so it’s a great meal to make for your family, because you really can’t mess it up too much. >> it’s pretty simple. the key to success is cold, fresh seafood. we can show a couple demonstrations on how to — >> i’m always confused about the west way to like — >> with the oysters, you just go — >> they’re a live i



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