In The Kitchen: DeWolf Tavern

DeWolf Tavern cooks up a special Cinco de Mayo dish!
let’s head overea to the kit kitchen, pat africa. >> hola. a. lawrence brown from the b dewolf tavern is joing us, ands, gloria, hola. >> hola. >> gloria rodriguez, we’reod’r celebrating cinco de mayo this morning, with tacas, but w,hat the he ck is a tacas? >> taco, tacas, same thing. >> down in bristol, it’s one of the laste places you would think hi they’ll be celebrating cinco de mayo. >> we like to celebrate every holiday. why stop withp cinco de mayo. today for you, we’re going to make take cast, we’re going to change it up, instead of using ground beef or your pork, we’re going to use wild boar. r. >>>> wild boar. >> it will have an interesting flavor to go with the tacos. >> wild boar or pork shoulder, so you can use either, tomatoes, s,red bell pepper, garlic, corn masa, what’s that? >> it’s corn, dried out and then basically,si press milled until it’s fine flour. >> and is this



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