In The Kitchen Chicken Saltimbocca

In the Kitchen Chicken Saltimbocca
at 4:00 p.m. you know the web site, foxprovidence.com. >> that’s such a sad story. thank you so much, lily. so every day around this time, we always talk with giovanni and kim. giovanni is actually off today but will is at 92 pro-fm behind e board and ready to take the reins and i want to talk to them about this heidi montag debacle. them didn’t even know her own song. it’s embarrassing. >> what’s embarrassing? >> heidi montag’s performance last night. >> oh, it was not. if i didn’t know it was heidi, i would have thought it was britney. >> please. >> what was so bad about it? >> she was a nut case. you guys tacked to her on friday, right? >> we were all prepared to like hate her and be phony to her just because w e had to be nice to her, but we got off the phone with her and we were like she’s a delight. >> she is charming. it’s her husband that everybody — >> don’t get sucked in. >> s



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