In The Kitchen: Big Beef And Awful Awful

Big Beef and Awful Awful
when we first started the show, we were running around toasty providence saying there’s nothing more rhode island than newport creamery and an awful waffle on a summer day. >> and you get to sample — >> i want to know where the name awful waffle came from. >> i wish i knew, i could tell you that, but that’s another one of our secrets. >> i have the feeling that’s going to be the catch phrase when he doesn’t know the answer. >> it’s awful big and awful good and we have been told and you know, from time to time, chefs come in hand they tell this to he will us and i respect this, there are some secret ingredients that we cannot tell but this morning, but give me the basic premise of what makes up an awful awful. >> actually, what we have here is the big blue bug awful waffle. >> this is a blue, rick. >> it is very, very blue. like your dress, you will get the big blue dress on today. >> i’



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