In The Kitchen

Johnson & Wales instructor Chef Gary Welling and Rhode Show viewer Lisa Conlon make Key Lime pie!
ie >> i’m making what is thi ws. s. >> key lime. >> key lime or lemon meringue, but you know the key is, it’s knots just the filling, it’s the meringue. so with me right now, lisaa conlin, chef gary from johnson & wales university, you have an interesting story, s before we get to this, i want to find out a quick story, your meringueme stunk. >> it is what itt is. so you called johnson & wales n university and said ivcan you help me. >> and gary was there. >> and he helped. >> he helped h me m make the perfect fe meringue. .>> tell us a liteltle bit aboutt how we’re going to makehis. >> the key lime is the k bottom part, so you start wittah prepared graham cracker crust, that’s the easy part, in i the mix ter, mix up four egg yolks, mix it just a little, until it’s incorporated and th en you add key lime juice, you can useus bottled or fresh key lime. >> you like fresh? >> it dep



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