In Sports: Talking Baseball & Wine

Interview with Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda
if you want white, look for dodger blue. tommy lasorda wine, owned by the legendary dodgers manager, was chosen the wine of the competition. joining us for now in a segment combining culture and sports is a tiny lasorda. how do you go from baseball to wine? >> you know, my son-in-law, he came up with the opportunity of getting into the wine business, he asked me if it would be ok. i said sure, let’s do it. the thing that is so great about it, from different regions in italy, everybody comes from there. that is what makes this a great. — every bottle comes from there. that is what makes this a great. there is no better blind man italian wine, they make the greatest in the world. certainly, we won that big a board a couple of weeks ago. it was so great that it or overwhelmed the others, and the people tasting it. they took all of these celebrities have their names on wine, we corp. — we



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