Important Tips For Diabetics

Tips for cooking and diet from dietitian Heather King.
a lot of people in our area live with diabetes. and to help raise awareness of this >> welcome back. as you know, a lot of people in disease, november is american diabetes our area live with diabetes, and we are here to r month…aise awareness and give you and joining us this morning is dietitian clues on heather king, with her tips for diabetics in the how to eat kitchen…. properly, we have brought in our dietitian, ms. king, and if you’re having someone come and stay with you for the holidays diabetic and you’re not, this will help you, too. >> and we found out it’s just living with diabetes and knowing how to control it. so that is the good thing, and many people out there have diabetes and don’t know it because they are afraid to deal what it is but the complications of dealing with it later are so much more severe than just living with it. >> and these foods will make you healthy



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