Immune Boosting Foods

Ward of illness this season with these recipes and foods.
morning and talking about great foods that are great for your health and keeping you well. you can get immunizations at the doctors, but there are foods that can boost your immune system. >> we have tina miller joining us. >> thank you for having me here today. >> we always hear about soups and how they make you feel better. >> it is the perfect time of year for soup. soup is great for colds. let’s start making the minestrone here. this is a really easy recipe. we have olive oil and onions and chopped carrots. you can dump that in there. do you want to start? >> yes. >> in the meantime, if you want to press in fresh garlic and the garlic you get in a jar has more anti-oxidants than powdered garlic. that is another healthy thing. garlic is cool. it is an anti-viral type of food. it helps to kill bugs before they get into your body. about two cloves. if you like more, we have another recip



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