If You Like It Hot, The Chile Roast Is Coming!

If you like it hot, the Chile Roast is coming!
>> it is the coolest spread in the kitchen. chef evan is not here today. i’m glad you are, though. we’re talking about the chile roast happening at harmon’s right now. >> every weekend through labor day, friday, saturday we’re roasting up chiles. you can get a bushel, a package. you can buy ton of items at the deli. we have a chile verde pot pie. we have chile roasted mac and cheese. just everywhere. >> why now? >> this is when they’re being han — harvested. >> nothing tastes like the new mexico green chiles. >> the soil there must have something that’s just perfect. we’re getting the new mexico green chiles for two weeks and then we switch to the utah chile. i’ll show you how to clean them the fastest, easiest way. don’t run them under any water t. just washes all the chile flavor off. scrape. you’re just going to scrape, take the cap and just give it two scrapes like that. you can lea



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