Ice cream delivered to your door.
????wi??sc??on??si??n.?????… it’s june 30th. last day of june. last day of june dairy month! and once again.. we’ )re going to celebrate with ice cream! for this segment we headed to ice cream source dot com in door county .. to sample some of the hottest new frozen treats. “looks like just an ordinary brown box but imagine getting this delivered to your door with ice cream inside. ice cream source dot com.. in sister bay.. this is brad massey.. and this is what you.. brad: anywhere in the continental u.s. rachel: what kinds? brad: we’re sending the hard to find super premium ice creams that are made by small to medium sized dairies. rachel: so not ones i’m going to find in my grocery store? brad: most likely not. ———————– what you will find in their cooler.. massey describes as the best of the best.. all available in once place. like.. silver moon. s



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