Ice Cream Social On The Circle

Ice Cream Social on the Circle
day. what better than some ice cream. yes, we’re down here on the circle where it’s the ice cream social. we’ve got dave boursin from the state police, one of our celebrity scoopers. we’ve got the indiana dairy princess down here. and one of the guys that is reaping so of the rewards from this, i guess you could say or the youth of indiana is marlin jackson, defensive back with the colts. i’ll let you take this, i’ve got to get back work scooping. tell me about your foundation. >> it’s benefiting youths. we’ve done football camps, football academician, life skills with the game of football and things of that nature. and in the school we are christmas eve an after school program that we do at the shepherd’s security center. we have holiday give aways that we do. quite a few things we do. we’re very involved in the community of indianapolis. it’s a time for everybody else in the community



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