Ice Cream

One popular Western Massachusetts ice cream and sandwich shop almost ran out of ice cream
massachusetts ice cream se icand saeandwich shop analmost ran out al r of ice cream 22necrws was there as the summer house in southwick received an extra shipment of ice cream today. customers apparently couldn’t get enough of the stuff. owner rick grimaldi told 22news, he sold 3 thousand c sones of ice cream and soft serve this past weekend. that’s as much as he sells during late june. excited as we are, it’s a little demanding. we don’t have the college staff we get at the end of the semester. everybody pulls double duty trying to keep up with the ice cream lines.. and with this june like weather due to continue through tuesday, the pioneer valley’s ice cream and sandwich shops expect to stay busy coolin g off their customers. good evening, i’m ryan walsh. let’s check out the top plays or good



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