I-Team 8: Hoosiers Getting Expired Food At Food Pantries

I-Team has been looking into how one woman was given food outdated by more than four years at a local food pantry.
is still safe to eat. rick dawson has been looking into one questionable case in hamilton county. rick? >> like this, debbie. some food given to one woman was outdated by more than four years. that woman tries to make a living by making others laugh but she’s not laughing about this. >> i can’t imagine giving this to my kids. >> single mom is a struggling comedy writer, struggling to make ends meet. last thursday she visited this food pantry, third phase, and was surprised with the box they assembled for her. >> this yogurt expired october 24. i was there on november 19. but the expiration date is 9/11-06. my personal favorite, the green beans expiring december 2005. >> actually, it reads best if used by december 2005 but clearly it’s been on someone’s shelf a long time. we wanted to talk with somebody from the food pantry how this happened. they did tell me on the phone this was an obvi



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