Hyvee – National Cheese Burger Day – 9/18/17

Hyvee – National Cheese Burger Day – 9/18/17
[?] >> kelly: we’re at hy-vee celebrating national cheese burger day! yay! who doesn’t love a good ol’ juicy cheese burgerment i’m talking with chef stephen. and he’s going to make this more us. we’re going to start with the meats. what are we starting with? >> guest: 85%/15% ground beef, ground chuck. >> kelly: and that’s nice and juicy. >> guest: makes for a really good burger. you can use whatever ground beef you’d like. you can use leaner, ground turkey, ground chicken. >> kelly: that’s right. >> guest: you can use pork. >> kelly: you could. i’ve had actually a combination of pork and ground chuck. which was really delicious, too. >> guest: yeah. >> kelly: i’m noticing that this burger is huge! >> guest: yeah, yeah. big burger. i like big burgerses. >> kelly: i like big burgers and i cannot lie! you make it that big, why? >> guest: i like 1/2 pound burger because it shrinks up. >> ke



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