Hy-Vee’s Chef Steve – 8/21/17

Hy-Vee’s Chef Steve – 8/21/17
? >> okay, guess who i am holding? this is a hatched chile and i did not realize this is the season for hatched chile. what is a hatched chile? >> that’s right it’s hatched chile season. they come in season in new mexico and we get them in. roast them and do all kinds of things with them. >> i saw when i walked in there is a big display that says the house chiles are here. >> a lot of people use them in chilis, salsas and all things you can make. >> you can cook with them. freeze them. i didn’t know that was a possibility. >> a lot of people get a hole case of them. cook them. divide it up. freeze them. >> you also have a hatched cheese. >> yeah, it’s a hatched pepper cheese that we carry in the cheese department. really good on burgers. also along with the roasted pepper with the cheese on the burger. really good. >> i have to tell you. i grew a lot of peppers in my garden. maybe someth



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