Hy-Vee – National Family Meals Month – 9/11/17

Hy-Vee – National Family Meals Month – 9/11/17
[?] >> jeremy: welcome back. it’s always a good day when we’re joined by our favorite dietitian, amanda broombaugh from hy-vee! hi. >> guest: how are you guys? >> joy: we’re great. >> kelly: good to see you. >> guest: i’m so excited to be here. >> joy: it’s national family meals month. >> jeremy: what does that mean. >> kelly: what does that mean? >> guest: september is national family meals month. i’m going to talk about what it is, how it is, how we can make it easier and where and all the good stuff. so what it is, is family meals are really, really important for so many reasons. you know, it just feels right when you sit down for a family meal. for several reasons. there’s communication there. you’re spending time with your family. you’re making better food choices. even if it’s eating a hamburger at home versus a hamburger out, nine times out of ten you’re saving a lot of calories,



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