Hy-Vee Grilled Vegetable Salad

Chef Kevin Sullivan teaches us how to grill vegetables.
cikitchen outdoors because it is grilling season. sponsoring our dinner and a slaving away over this charcoal grill today. >> we did our vietnamese chicken which came out beautiful. we did our grilled vegetables. what i have done is taken some fresh cilantro. what you don’t want to do with herbs is cut them with a knife. want to tear them with your hands. the knife will bruise them and give them a funny metal taste. we want healthy herbs. >>heather: you’ve got them all in the bowl here. >> i have my squash here. >>heather: so fancy, i love that tool. >> we will cut them up. we will put them in the bowl with the other vegetables. pears and all of that good stuff. what i will do is put some olive oil. >>heather: you put that on after instead of before. >> and a little salt. we will toss this all. great color with that roasted of these vegetables in season right now? >> yes they are. is a v



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