Hy-Vee Fires Up The Grill

Hy-Vee Chef Kevin Sullivan grills Vietnamese chicken thighs with a mango relish and vegetable salad.
>>heather: protein is a main dish for runners. here to share a few dishes, dinner and a movie sponsor. high v in springfield. we love when you calm. now we get to come outdoors. grilling season. >> one of my favorite seasons. i just love it. >>heather: what are we doing. >> i mentioned proteins so one of the best proteins is chicken thighs. vietnamese style chicken thighs. >>heather: dark meat. >> i talk: took equal parts – – garlic and jalapeno. these are boneless, skinless. they grill fast. caramelize with the natural sugars. >>heather: let’s talk about fish sauce. >> it’s an asian product that is used a lot in sushi. it has a flavor that, it doesn’t taste like fish. it’s a sauce they developed for fish a long time ago. it helps extract flavor. bring new flavors in. you can find it anywhere. >>heather: this is a marinade. >> we will stick this on the grill. whether you use charcoal or



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