Hy-Vee – 10/9/17

Hy-Vee – 10/9/17
>> jeremy: welcome back. food and drink monday would not be the same without a visit from hy-vee. alexa is here. >> guest: it’s great. we’re super busy at hy-vee. we have so many events going on. >> jeremy: you always have something going on. >> joy: i love halloween. it’s a lot of fun. you have something the kids can do that is interactive. and jeremy and i are going to get to do right now! what have you got coming up the 21st? >> 21st of october, saturday, 1:00 to 3:00, we have a big trick-or-treat event throughout the entire store. we’ll have hundreds of kids come in. they’ll be getting to stop at 15 locations throughout the store and get candy or treats or toothbrushes or milk. >> joy: nice. >> guest: all kinds of things. in the club room, they’ll be cookie decorating, pumpkin painting, spider web painting. >> joy: it’s fun you’re having it on the 21st. so it gives you two full big e



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