Hustle And Bustle At Broadway Market

Hustle and bustle at Broadway Market
donations. pierogies, polish sausage and butter lambs … the traditional favorites are all here. but the broadway market is also welcoming a few new additions this year. news 4’s melissa holmes reports. ((who wants to be polish?!)) it’s the familiar hustle and bustle of the broadway market at easter time. ((kathy reeb/broadway market shopper- we’re really excited to be here today. it’s a tradition. we come here every year.)) this is the time of year when an estimated 300,000 visitors will flock to the eastside landmark which dates back to 1888. ((jackie laflair/shopper from syracuse: we always go this meat market here, and then we go to the bakeries, then we get the butter lamb, and we do all the candy shops.)) pussywillows, pierogi, polish sausage and platcek…people persistently pick up these popular products. but popcorn? ((thomas coatesniagara popcorn: it’s the popcorn base, mixed



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