Hurricane Food Preparation

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bonnie is long gone but the storm is a reminder we are in the midle of hurricane season and you must be prepared. at the start of the season wild bill talked with karen headily from the extension office and had a great idea what to cok when the electricity goes out. in case you missed it, we wanted to show you again. >> yes, indeed. hurricane season is dayses away. you hear the sounds. when times get tough cuisine gets extreme. how to make peoples without electricity with karen headley. you won the academy award for – what was it ou won? >> i won a state award for the work that we did on my segments here on morning blend. >> outstanding. in the state? >> in the the state of florida. >> you put other county extension agents to shame, where they should be. >> you’re going to get me in trouble. >> i try. if it is not me, it’s going to be you. hurricane season knocking at our door. we are re



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