Hunter’s Chicken

Air Date: January 13
chef tim has cooked up for us in this week’s fairbanks flavor. today, he’s showing us how to make an easy and delicious italian chicken dish that everyone’s sure to enjoy. chef tim>> “chef tim here having fun at the westmark kitchen, and today we’re going to be making one of our most popular banquet dishes, hunter’s chicken, also known as chicken cacciatore, and cacciatore simply translates to hunter’s. when i was looking years ago in some old italian cook books, i discovered that chicken cacciatore or hunter’s chicken wasn’t actuallly the sauce that you see today, which is more spaghetti like or maranara. so we’re going to start out with some diced ham, but panchetta would work, or bacon, and we’re going to lay our chicken thighs, chicken thighs are so great to work with. they hold up to a lot of abuse. even if you overcook them theyr’e still usually really good. they stay moist and fla



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