Hungry Girl

In the kitchen with Lisa Lillian, Hungry Girl.
the haw thor of the book “hungry girl 200”, under 200 recipes and under 200 calories. there are so many people in providence, rhode island, who get your e-mails, monday through friday. and i love your tagline, you’re not a nutritionist, you’re just hungry, just like the rest of us, so you came here to share some of the recipes that are in your book and i have to start with this triffle. i have to say eat dessert first because you never know when the rapture is going to happen. this looks so appetizing. this is under 200 calories. >> under 200 calories a serving and it’s all about finding the right magic ingredients. in this case, it’s vitalous, they have 6 grams of fiber, they’re all natural. they’re incredible. they’re good for you. you can get these at stop & shop. and on line. >> top them with the fat free cool whip with and you’re good to go. >> sugar free chocolate syrup. it’s d



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