Hundreds Line Up For Fish Fry

The fish fry is a Milwaukee tradition.
are going to pick it up, take it home and enjoy it, the fish fry. for a closer look on this milwaukee business, let’s go inside the hall. >> we see why this is win of the biggest fish fries in the country and one of the most popular. >> well, since it is the first friday of lent, that means literally, hundreds of thousands of people will line up for their fried cod and the busiest time is still ahead as it gets into the dinner hour. sir paul’s a milwaukee institution but we found people coming from far and wide for this fish fry. >> red carpet to the left. >> reporter: it’s certainly not milwaukee’s only fish fry. it’s not even the oldest. so why is serb hall the bigest? we asked loyal confers like debbie and her family who came all the way from two rivers. >> there must be 500 fish fries between here and two rivers. why serb hall? >> we always came down here and my family is from here.



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