Hummus And Dolma

Hummus and Dolma
armed thehamptonroadsshow.com. — we will be on thehamptonroadsshow.com. . leave your comments. >> this is tony. we will make a few things from your restaurant. tell us what we will be making. >> with the summer season upon us, i thought we would do the appetizers on of the light side. we have a lot of offerings that we cannot possibly to hear. we are going to make original hamas, which is what we specialize in — original hummus which is what we specialize in. there are different options and variations. >> even though we are keeping it light, there are eight on of ingredients. — there are eight on the of ingredients. — there are a ton of ingredients. where did you get the pizza bread? >> it comes from canada of all places. it is made best over there. we like it. we like its softness. it lasts longer. we start off with pita in triangular shapes. >> it is folded. >> it is a double layer



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