Humanities Council

Food for Thought
i know who andi is talking to right now. >> that’s right. president and ceo of the indiana humanities. how you doing? >> i’m great. thank you so much for having me. >> thanks for making time on monday morning. >> yes. >> we’ve got lots of fun things to talk about. >> yeah, you do. you guys have a rather new initiative, food for thought. >> yes. >> okay. food for thought. we’re a humanities council so we’re a nonprofit, statewide. we engage people in cultural programming that encourages people to think, read and talk. we were thinking, what’s a great humanities topic. we kept coming back to food. and so our two-year initiative kicks off a few months ago, and we’re in high season now, and we’ve lots of programs going on statewide but a special one that’s coming to central indiana. >> keeping with this, the food for thought, you guys are going to be hosting anthony bourdain. now i’m sure —



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