Hukilau Shrimp

shrimp truck
if you were dying to go on a vacation to polynesia this summer and didn’t get there, don’t worry, pull up a chair and look at your tv screen, this is the newest shrimp truck in town, i lev it, these sisters put it together starting in january, and the truck is now finished. they’re serving up delicious shrimp and sandra is actually cooking the shrimp right now, sandra, what are you putting in here. >> this is butter and garlic in here, and i put a lot of butter because who doesn’t love butter. >> and the garlic it is incredible, your sister is behind us getting everything ready, if you have been to hawaii you know these shrimp trucks are lined up everywhere. >> in the north shore, if you had gone to a north shore, there is like a done of trip trucks and they have the most delicious shrimps we thought we would bring it to utah these aren’t babies. >> they are huge. >> when did you start c



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