How You Can Help Give Back To The San Antonio Food Bank

Help us collect a million poinds of food.
>> as the donations come in for the san antonio food bank we want to thank everybody for participating so far, and we want to show you what happens to the food that you donate once it gets to the food bank. watch this. >> over the past weeks the donations have been coming into the food bank and we know you’re wondering what happened next, and so we’re going to show you. we are here at the food bank. good to see you. >> good to see you. > so we’re at home and we pack up some food and drop it off and then people want to know what happens next. >> these orders are staged and ready to go out to the community, the san antonio food bank partners with over 500 nonprofit, soup kitchens and community centers and it’s packaged and shipped out every day. when you see here is just everything tb from bell bulk products from manufacturers to food boxes through food usa and it’s put into a abou bana bo



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