How To Shuck An Oyster

Local Chef Steve Hall of Hemenway’s Restaurant shows Shawn Tempesta how to shuck an oyster.
back in with shawn tempesta. hopefully, he still has all hisal digits, live this morning at hemming way’s restaurant in pro dense with a previewe of this weekend’s oysterfest.s >> sti ll>> have allover fingers. >> all — all your fingers. >> i hear you’re going to t show us the right method of shucking? >> exactly. xa we’re going to have a shuckoff here. this is very excitingxc. chef steven long i here, we’re gearing up for the fif annual oysterfest happening thisap weekend and we’re goingan to learn how to shuck. >> yes. >> what is shucking? >> it’s basically, just break being theg muscle that hold the top shell and bottom shell together, so that you can present the sweet meat of the oyster. >> ok. so this is a delicate art. >> absolutely. y.you have to haveo a little skill involved, so are you ready to learn how? >> i’m not very skillful, butut i’m ready to learn how. . >> what kind of



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