How To Prepare A Cheap Thanksgiving Meal

How to prepare a cheap Thanksgiving meal
visit our website tonight and click 15 links. >>> preparing ha perfect turkey feast is cost — that perfect turkey feast is costing a bit more this year, about 4.50 per person, but now our smart shopper daphne munro is cutting that price in half. >> reporter: a thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings, it’s not getting cheaper. with turkey prices on the rise and your precious time is dwindling. we did the legwork for you with the help of the grocerygame.com. if you want to just do one stop shopping when it comes to your thanksgiving meal, well, out of all the major grocery store chains we checked out, fry’s beat them all and without using any manufacturer coupons based on fry’s sale ads you’re only going to spend $2.50 a person for a basic thanksgiving meal, but you can save even more money if you spend a little more time and keep your eyes out for deals. for example, wal-mart and fry’s



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