How To Make Pollo Alla Griglia

Chef Adrian Tonon from Ristorante Cafe Cortina shows you how to make Pollo alla Griglia.
>>> well, there is nothing like a good home cooked italian meal. >> i joining us in the studio this morning is the owner of cafe cortin did i say that right? ( speaking foreign language ). rosetta stone for you. all right. you just came back from italy. >> i did. >> you know, the beauty of it, is most of my family lives in italy, i’m able to go over there, submerge and build character and bring it back to detroit. i like eating at home, but the restaurants i enjoy going to where everything is local. from the wine to the produce and the meats. here is a michigan amish chicken. this chicken enjoyed life before we enjoyed it. we marinaded it with olive oil, parsley, garlic, lemon. >> these are the best, simple ingredients. >> they are simple and fresh. >> i think this is what chefs are doing today in america. they are bringing back food the way that they cooked 150 years ago. this is a bric



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