How To Make Margherita Pizza

A chef from Shield’s Pizzeria makes Margherita Pizza.
for this weekend. >>> if you ever. ed to learn how to make pizza like the pros, it is irtoday is your day. >> — today is your day. >> joing us are the chefs to show us how to make margarita pizza and talk about a great fund raiser pizza next week. this is one of my fast styles of pizza. take it away. >> thank you and good morning. this is one of our popular pizzas. it’s the margarita pizza and start off with marinara sauce. this — . >> this is one of the pizza that is easy in terms of ingredients, correct in. very easy. >> basic and simple? >> uh-huh. >> and from there, we have a mixture of our aged fruit cheese with — cheese with a end of asiago. >> okay. >> and then that would put on some oregano. >> smells delicious. >> yeah. a little fresh garlic. >> anuu jump in there. >> and — place it around there. uh-huh. >> okay. >> nice. nice. >> and look at. that looks like you have done t



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