How To Make Latkes For Hanukkah

Try this recipe for a traditional Hanukkah side dish
welcome back.&-pit’s the 6th night of hannukah. and to celebrate…we’re >> welcome back to “san antonio livi showing you how to make latkes.ng.” tonight is the sixth night and the roaring of hanukkah and we are showing you how to mak fork is joining us toe show us how to make them from hanukkah look at ca scratch! latkes, andi’m excited. i love potatoes sous chef skyler hollis and we actually had the chance to make latkes with you last year and they are surprisedly easy to make. >> right t’s just a classic hanukkah potato pancacke. it’s real easy, real straightforward, and probably one of the better things for our market right now is it’s totally gluten free. >> very good for you and this is something you have on the menu during the hanukkah season. people can come in and enjoy the latkes and just give them a try, and i like them a lot, i really do. >> and it’s a nice little light s



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