How To Make Lamb Prime Rib

Las Canarias Restaurant shares their secret
just a few days&-paway. > and if you’re still> welcome trying to figure outback. christmas day just a few what to serve your days family for dinner. away. we’ve taken the guess work out of and if you’re still the menu this morning! trying to figure chef john brand what to serve from las canarias restaurant is your showing us how to make a holiday lamb family for dinner we’ve taken prime rib! the guesswork out. >> we’re going to make holiday lamb prime rib. that is really difficult to do. >> no. >> you’ve got to have special know how. it’s not something that’s scary to do. >> it’s very simple. i’ve taken a rack of lamb we’ll do a crown roast, and we roast the thing off in the oven. >> quicker way perhaps. it’s normally your lamb will come with the bones. with a small pearing knife. >> you cut this back. >>aring knife. >> you cut this back. >> if you just cut the bones. these are great



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