How To Make Carrot Casserole & Chipotle Mashed Potatoes

Pedrotti’s North Wind Ranch
welcome back. now that mmhome.org, for thanksgiving is t behind us…thehe holiday season has methodist officially begun. and if you’re getting mission home. all right, now that ready to attend a thank holiday party orsgiving is behind us, the holid bring a side over foray a holiday dinner…we season has officially ahve some great ideas for you. started. and if you’re louie and anthony getting ready to cook for the pedrotti are joining us from pedrotti’s holidays or bring a north wind ranch. with their recipes side dish f for chipotle mashed h potatoes andoliday carrot casserole! dinner, we have some great recipes for you, this time for chipotle mashed potatoes and a carrot casserole, and you serve these up at pedrote’s, and you are phone fo catering and great holiday parties and so i’mexcited about these. >> this is for the chipotle mashed potatoes and this is 2 and a quarter pounds of



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