How To Make Bubble Tea

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all things asian happening this week end. a little bit of taste of what’s to come. i’m here with with 2 from tong’s. tai restaurant. you brought some. this is my fairytale. we’re going — favorite. tell me about this traditional bubble tea. >> we have bubble tea for you. we have a fruit smoothy which is mango, and a milk tea. bubble tea originated in taiwan 30 years ago. they would sell to the kids when they got out after school in order to compete, a lady decided to infuse flavors in her tea. but in order to incorporate that she had to shake it up so the children would call it bubble tea. >> because the bubbles would form. >> you’d have to make bubbles. i thought it was bubble tea. >> that wasn’t until 3 years later when a man decided to put the tapca balls in. >> so the guy stole her thunder. i’m going to put some real bubbles in there. what are those real bunals that i’m seeing. >> ta



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