How To Make Avocado Appetizers

Recipe from Barrios family
>>> we’re in the kitchen with d barrios trevino. i’m excited that you have something super fresh. avocados are super sweet. >> they are very easy to come off but very, very simple. >> you want to make sure you get an avocado that is not too shot of, otherwise it won’t holdup on that skewer. >> if you can’t find one and they’re too hard. bring them home and put them in a dark cupboard or a paper bag for a day or so and they will ripe enup beautifully. this recipe is easy, we will take coconut milk. you can find all of the ingredients at the grocery store. found them last night. >> it’s like a little caribbean recipe. >> yes, a little thai infused. >> this is red curry pace. and i got fish oil. we got sugar. >> okay. >> a little sugar. >> it’s going to give it good flavor and then we are add sin cilantro at the very end. you have nuts and you ground me finished. you want it to have the gri



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