How To Make A Shrimp & Black Bean Salad

The Pomegranate shares their recipe with us!
welcome back.&-pwith our&-punpredictable weather and the&-pstart of the new welcome back. year… you’re probably in with our un search of some healthy, fillingpredictable weather, and start of the new that’ll keep you warm. year you’re in the search of well, we found a great spot that you’ll absolutelyhealthy. a love! fufilling food that the pomegranate restaurant’s nancy will keep you warm and good. the fitch is joining is joining us this morning with an easy pomegranate restaurant nancy fitch is joining us this morning with an recipe you can make at home…or enjoy at easy recipe you can make at their restaurant. home or of course you can go out and check it out at the restaurant. >> happy new year. >> thanks for having me. >> oh wow there’s so many colors, and textures with the foods here today. that’s part of making something that you’re going to enjoy. something that ap



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