How To Make A Caprese Salad Martini

The Watermark Grill shares their recipe
living.” i wish my kitchen smelled like this, but it’s not too hard what you’re going to show us? >> these two items we do in the restaurant and i’m going to go step by step, it’s very easy, one capreze, and we’re going start to work on the milanase but we have a nice foccacia and i want you to do one side. >> one side so you’re going to put me to work and i’m going to put on my special fish breading gloves. >> and the bread crumbs are always foccacia and diced up into small pieces. >> and if you’re doing this at home, you’re looking for a nice little salmon steak. >> this is from scotland and seasoning or put it in the flower, and this is a tomato confit and it’s cooked slowly with fennellal and then you have that — >> yeah, got it, he needs more? >> that’s okay, for your first time you good great! and after that you have the salmon and you just put the salmon over here with olive oil



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