How To Localize Your Turkey Day Meal

Analiese Paik from the Fairfield Green Food Guide dishes out ways to make a delicious Thanksgiving day meal by utilizing local resources.
at the grocery store… but do yoever wonder… where did this food come from? well you don’t have to wonder… you can find all you need for a great thanksgiving dinner… grown right here in connecticut. joining us this morning to tell us how to make thanksgiving dinner local… analiese paik from the fairfield green food guide. where to buy your local or sustainably-raised turkey connecticut’s fall bounty – seasonal fruits and vegetables and where to buy them restaurant-made local, organic vegetarian side dishesselect wines from the ct wine trail westford hill distillers’ fruit eaux-de-vie (fruit brandies) for more. log onto our website at wtnh dot com.. and click on the good morning connecticut weekend section. still ahead on good morning connecticut… it’s time to take a look at what you’re



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