How To Feed A Family Of 8 For Only For Only $25!

Nelly Cisneros, Walmart
hundreds of busy families…chances breakintothemusicindustry.com, and good luc are you haven’t madek to it to the store to you get all the. trimmings for your well, if you’re like thanksgiving feast yet. hundreds of but don’t worry! we have the perfect solution! busy families joing us this chances are you have not made it morning is nelly to cisneros from the story to get all of walmart to show us the how you can feed a trimmings for your thank family of 8 onsgivin thanksgiving forg feast. and we’re going to show you how to feet a f amily of eight for thanksgiving for only $25. that is awesome, thank you so much for coming today. >> you’re welcome. >> a lot of people are hitting thanksgiving and may only have $25 in their pocket, and this is amazing. how do you do it? >> for price and selection, we have our 30-pound turkey, and stuffing and pumpkin pie from the deli, and very largables



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