How To Eat Healthy In Todays World

Everywhere you look these days, fast food dominates. Finding time in our busy schedules to eat right, often isn’t the easiest, but it can be done. Reporter Tia Streeter has more. We all wish we could find time to make the perfect healthy meal every night. But face it life moves too fast for perfect. (Zonya Foco) we can do this, it’s a war out there our culture is saying no do it this other way but we can do it the healthy way. Zonya Foco has a PBS TV cooking show, writes cookbooks and is a motivational speaker. She says it’s time for women to step up and help their families and themselves eat better. (Zonya Foco) I suggest that you have a menu routine like every wednesday pasta night you just pick put on a pot of water to boil pick a shape and pick a sauce and use whole grain pasta not white pasta. Zonya says no matter how busy you are you can always make time for healthy foods. (Nita Wirtz) We kinda share our cooking time in the kitchen together thats kinda our time to kinda unwind when we come home. (Linda Sampson) Zonya suggests just start a healthy lifestyle but cooking once or twice a week, and start replacing your snacks with fruits and vegetables. (Zonya Foco) it’ll fight heart disease, cancer, control your weight you’ll even lose I’ve calculated the calorie savings, you’ll lose 31 pounds in a year with that tip alone. Zonya says quick cooking brown rice, canned beans and fruits and veggies are great things to put in your diet. She says try making a drive thu at home…it just takes fifteen minutes to eat healthy. For KX News, I’m Tia Streeter. Zonya spoke at the Women’s Health Summitt this morning. The Summitt is about making health and wellness issues a priority in todays world.



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