How To Choose A Healthy Pizza

How to choose a healthy pizza
across the u.s., americans devour 350 slices per second in any given day. somewhere between the brick ovens of italy and the delivery carts here in america, some of the pieces of the perfect pie went missing. here to discuss the best and worst pizzas in america is anne maltby, contributing editor of “eat this, not that 2010.” we’re talking pizza today. >> you have to know how to make the right choice. >> how do we know? what are we doing here, the good andba >> frozen pizza. the easiest thing to do. >> yeah, grab one at the store, pop one in. >> the problem is you don’t know what is lurking in there. a lot of fake ingredients. mama celeste cheese pizza, the problem is not the calories and fat, you can tell it is small. it is not going to do that much damage. immitation mozzarella cheese. what that is mostly made of is partially hydrogenated soybean oil or transfat. >> not good for you at



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