How Sweet It Is: Honey

Lisa Lewey-Shields shares honey inspired recipes.
buzzing around here in the cikitchen. >>matt: guest chef lisa lewis shields is helping us tweak it and make it our own. we were talking about baseballs but baseball have an important connection because they tie back to these and everything we are making today ties back to honey. >> our clothes and shoes that are leather and our cars that have parts on them and what have you. without a bee we are sunk. >>heather: you have something you want to talk about with the hummingbirds. >> if you cannot plant pollinators, make sure you at least put out a hummingbird and it’s on the website. i have hummingbirds but i went out last week and i probably had a 50-60 bees on each one. and i live in town. that means that somehow somewhere, there are beekeepers and beehives within six miles of my house. they are getting fed from my hummingbird feeders. >>heather: which is that they don’t have flowers to go



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