How Much Sugar?

Sina’s Sugar Comparison
>>> most people probably wouldn’t eat one of these, a little sugar cube, but you might not believe how many are in some of your favorite snacks. the drinks is what gets you. >> we’ll see how your sugar stacks up, sugar, with sina teskey. >> it’s getting to summer. kids are going to be at home and will would not drink all these sugary beverages and go crazy and wild all day. >> there’s no secret there’s sugar in soda. >> i think it will be nice to kind of compare. let’s start a 20-ounce coke. if you’re going to drink this whole bottle, we have 16 sugar cubes there. >> whoa! >> almost 100% of the calories in this soda are from sugar. >> not bad. >> there’s nothing else in it, no protein, nothing. i thought we’d learned something. >> i know. >> the next we wanted to show ice tea, because tea is really healthy when we brew it. we talk about how we should drink it but not really sweeten it. l



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