How Clean Is Your Kitchen

How clean is your kitchen
is the one most associated with food. when it comes to cooking the turkey you might be a “grade a” chef, but when it comes to germs…. is your kitchen getting a failing grade? newschannel five’s liz nunez reports on the test a home would have to pass to meet a restaurant’s standards. from floor to ceiling and everything in between- fred stein takes care of the dirty work so you don’t have to worry. “personal hygiene, cross contamination, and time and temperature those are the three areas that i am looking for,” he’s spent 10 years inspecting restaurant kitchens- awarding high marks to those who pass muster and failing those who need to clean up their act. “the basic principals in a restaurant and at home are exactly the same, if you want to keep people safe, if you want to keep guests safe, if you want to keep your family safe, its necessary to apply the same principles,” but what if st



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