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a little gift as a host gift, here’s a couple ideas that will be sure to be perfect for the occasion. so most of you think of a super bowl pawrt peart, you think of a bunch of guys sitting around, but there’s usually some women involved as well, so the first option is to grab a really special bouquet from your local florist or be, of course, here at house of flowers we’d be happy to he. i’m going to put together a bouquet that kind of follows my favorite team colors, it the green green bay packers, of course. so we selected some kind of special flowers, we’re kind of staying away from the standard carnations and mums and things like that. we’re going to use some of the miniature green hydrangea. kind of staying in the greens and golds and whites. and this flower is kind of one of my new favorites, called a green trick dianthus, actually a member of the carnation family. the foliage is ve



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