Hotel Indigo / Vino De Notte

Valentine’s Day specialsnHotel Indigo / Vino De Notte
and vino denotte at hotel indigo. executive chef cod boy is s serving an aphrodisiac dinner tonight with your asistant. >> yes, the assistant chef. >> he caries around with him the $5 lunch menu which is available valentine’s day. i guess you are doing this on valentine’s day, right? >> during lunch. >> and every day. we want to get to the theme behind the cuisine as that you serve as the new executive chef at vino denotte which means? >> wine of the night. >> what is the wine of the night? >> we have about 50 different ones. up to you. >> why don’t you start preparing this. are you ready? >> i’m ready. for valentine’s day, we are going to be serving four courses. they are going to be plated and every ingredient and every course is an after row december yak. >> how do you design afro december yak? does it not come from the god’s of love? >> yes. >> it is a food or herb or liquid or drink



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