Hot Light Delight – 10/12/17

Hot Light Delight – 10/12/17
it’s flipping me out. >> jeremy: we posted the video on our facebook page if you want to check it out. >> jeremy: guess what it’s time for? the krispy kreme hot light delight! >> yes! >> jeremy: let’s open the mystery box. i’m going to pull this back. let’s find out what’s in here. let’s open it and see. oh! >> kelly: how pretty. >> joy: i’ll take the box. >> jeremy: let’s reveal the beauties. look at these perfect halloween doughnuts! [simultaneous speaking.] >> joy: the spider weapon, pumpkin, jack-o-lantern and sprinkles. >> jeremy: the pretty halloween colors. these are what is on the hot light today at krispy kreme. which is exciting because krispy kreme is always amazing whether hot or cold. >> joy: this is true. these are around through halloween. >> jeremy: yes. and the specialty halloween doughnuts, jack-o-lantern, mummy, halloween sprinkles. >> joy: mum me. my bad. >> jeremy: i



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