Hot, Hot, Heat In The Kitchen

On Saturday, August 7, the Black Chamber of Commerce will celebrate their 11th Annual “Men Who Cook” and their 2nd Annual “Dads Who Cook.” Cooks compete in at least one of four competition categories – appetizers, main dishes, meat dishes and desserts – and must prepare enough food for 250 people.nnThe competition will take place from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. on August 7th at the Parklawn YMCA located at 4340 North 46th Street.nnWisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce
>>> is and welcome morning morning. let me ask you a question when you think of guys and cooking do you believe the only thing men can do is slap a little meat on the grill. >> no. they can order pizza. >> throwing them under the bus. >> today we will change your mind about that. today we will meet men who really know their way around the kitchen. >> next week the chefs will face a competion for more than bragging rights. and here to talk about the 11th annual men who cooks and dads who cook are ruben hopkins from the wisconsin black chamber of commerce and jones from the owner of taste mart cafe. welcome, gentlemen. >> you are here to dispel the myth that men can’t cook. >> yes, we are. >> it is already smelling good. >> i didn’t know there was a myth that men couldn’t cook. so. >> what do you think about the idea? i am interested in the men who cook where that whole concept came from.



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